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Chiropractic table at Shepherd Chiropractic CenterThe spine (your backbone) is made up of 24 movable vertebras; 7 in your neck (cervical), 12 in your upper back (thoracic), 5 in your low back (lumbar). Your spinal cord lies inside your backbone, protected on all sides by bone. Billions of nerves branch out between the openings of your vertebras. These nerves, arising in your brain, travel down the spinal cord where they branch off and blanket your body, connecting to all your internal organs, muscles, joints, touching nearly every part of you. Your brain coordinates ALL your body functions through the nervous system. If the brain can not communicate with the body, it will malfunction. A chiropractor locates, analyzes, and corrects SUBLUXATIONS. A subluxation is when one or more vertebra move out of place causing an occlusion of the hole where the nerve exits the spine, which applies pressure to the nerve causing it to malfunction. The hole where the nerve exits the spine has a very specific shape. When the vertebra moves out of place it changes the shape of the hole and all of the tissues in the area become inflamed, irritated, and swell. The swelling in the area is what puts pressure on the nerve. Studies have shown that the equivalent weight of a feather can affect the way a nerve works. The equivalent weight of a dime completely shuts off all function of a nerve. A nerve is made up of thousands of neurons (the base unit). Only 10% of the neurons in a nerve register pain, and they are the last to be affected by compressive forces.

Your body is a self healing organism. Chiropractic relies on the bodies’ natural ability to heal itself. If you cut your finger and put a band-aid on it, it is not the band-aid that heals your finger, it is your inborn ability (innate intelligence) to heal that fixes your cut. Chiropractic does not claim to heal any of your ailments. We just correct subluxations to restore the proper communication in your body and allow the body to do what it knows how to do! Your body wants to be healthy and with proper communication your body has the best chance to run at your optimum potential.

The Truth. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it. But in the end there it is. – Winston Churchill